Παξοι διαμονη προσφορες ενοικιαζομενα δωματια . Παξοι διαμονη Γαιος. Καλαίσθητα καταλυματα προσφορες και υπηρεσίες στον Γαιο . Για πολυτελη διαμονη ο Γαιος είναι ο ιδανικός προορισμός. Διαμονή με παραδοσιακό επτανησιακό στυλ, σε ενοικιαζομενα δωματια και απίστευτες προσφορες . Παξοι διαμονη προσφορες .

Τhe Paxos Fairytales House is even closer now. You can drive from Athens to the beautiful port of Igoumenitsa directly by entering the Greek Motorway 5 (“Ionia Odos” as most commonly known in Greece). Paxos Island is served by Ferries from the port of Igoumenitsa and it is an 1,5 hour sail to the port of Paxos. Another alternative is to fly a 45min fly from El.Venizelos Airport in Athens to Corfu. From there you may take the hydrofoil to Paxos and reach your destination in about an hour.

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According to mythology, Paxos Island was created from the Greek god of the seas, Poseidon. He was in search of a secret place to enjoy some peace and quiet with his wife and queen of the seas Amfitriti, so he stroke Corfu with his Trident. That powerful stroke resulted to the detachment of the southern part of Corfu and the formation of the Island of Paxos. He then lost his Trident, but the locals later found it and made it their emblem. Homer was the first to refer to Paxos Island. The habitants were of continental origin and Greek-speaking. The first settlers seem to have been the Phoenicians who had their colony in Cephalonia.

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If you want to have a quiet holiday but you do not want to give up the quality that you deserve from your holiday, the nature of the island provides everything considered necessary in order to achieve that; beautiful beaches, small coves, green hills filled with olive trees, impressive rocks and seaside caves. Its small area (13 sq/km, coast line 30km) allows the visitor to explore the Island from one side to the other, even by foot.

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  • According to Stravonas, a Greek geographer and historian (63 BC – 23 AD), the name is believed to be derived from the Phoenician Pax, which meant trapezoidal in their language which is the shape of the Island as seen from the sea.
  • Another version is that some of the inhabitants of the Sicilian Paxouda, were expelled and settled on Paxos Island as a result of the partisan occupation. Upon their arrival they named the Island after their former land’s name.(“Paxoi” Newspaper Issue 50, 15 August 1927).
  • In his book “Thesaurus Linguae Graecae” in 1528, the author Henricus Stephanus says that the name derives from the ancient Greek verb “πηγνύω” (pegneo) and its Future tense “πήξω” (Pexo).
  • Another version, is that it is also possible that the name has derived from the phrase “πακσώσας θύρας” (paxosas theras) which means “closed doors” referring to the safety that the port of Gaios offers because of its distinctive geology and morphology.
  • Ioannis Doikas, who was the head of the Historical Archives of Corfu and Paxos, claims that the word Paxos comes from the word “PAX” which means “Peace” and many believe that this is the version that fits most to the peaceful Island of Paxos.